Garden State Backup
Your NJ Data Center

New Jersey born and bred

Since 1994, our NJ data center has safeguarded our fellow business owners’ important information. With datacenters in Hackensack and Weehawken, we have been working with NJ businesses of all sizes throughout the state, helping to store and safeguard their valuable information for almost 30 years.

NJ data center

NJ Data Center for New Jersey Companies

Your company’s information is its most important asset. We have nearly 30 years of experience protecting companies’ valuable data worldwide but never lost our New Jersey roots. We believe the New Jersey area is the best location for our data centers. Our close proximity to New York City and Philadelphia enables us to effectively serve customers in all three regions.

Why Garden State Backup?

Your data stays put in New Jersey. It’s right around the corner in Hackensack and Weehawken, not floating around in the clouds.

Our employees are your neighbors and live right here in NJ. Not one of them is sitting at some dusty help desk in the Australian Outback.

Our software was created in the Garden State. It’s patented, open source and meets the Department of Defense cybersecurity standard CMMC Level 2.

Our Core Belief

Our customers are our family. They are our neighbors, friends, fellow parishioners, our children’s teachers, our family doctors, and even our overworked government employees. The question is, would you ever let your family’s data go floating around the clouds-knows-where? Of course not. Neither would we.

Our promise to you

We don’t upload customers’ information to the cloud and never share it with anyone. Customers’ information belongs to them, and holding their data securely is our sacred trust. So where we hold it is in servers wholly owned and managed by us. And no unescorted contractors are getting anywhere near these places – ever!

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