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Healthy Workstation

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NJ small business offsite backup service

Healthy Workstation is our small business offsite backup service. It’s a lean, efficient offering that includes everything you need to protect your New Jersey business. It’s a great service for those with some technical skills and who are comfortable managing computing.

The heart of Healthy Workstation is the same backup-engine core as Healthy Server. It’s powered by the patented cncop system that ensures secure and reliable offsite backups directly to one of our New Jersey datacenters. We’ll provide you with all the software, technical manuals, and credentials to access your own backup and restore portal.

Agent-Based Backup

Swan in a park in Newark NJ
Swan in a park in Newark NJ

Healthy Workstation is an agent-based backup with a software agent installed on each machine you want to protect. You then schedule the backups using the online portal. From there, you can configure the protections, set the schedules, and even pull up reports on how the protection performs. And if you ever need a restore, you can access all your backups right from the portal.

We have agents available for Windows, MacOS, and even Linux systems. You can download the agent you need right from the control panel. And if you need to protect more than one computer, download and install the agent onto that computer. Once registered with your account, you can use the portal to control all its protections.


Our pricing is similar to Healthy Server and is pay-as-you-go. The price is based on the amount of data stored in our datacenters. The price is $9.95/month for each computer you install the agent on. It includes the first 100 GB of data storage for that device. Additional storage is billed at just $0.10/GB.

There’s no long-term contract, and you can cancel at any time.

And just like Healthy Server, your data never leaves the state. That’s right, it stays right here in the Garden State.

Additionally, we offer small business cybersecurity consulting services should you require additional expertise and guidance.

NJ small business offsite backup

Garden State Backup has been providing small business offsite backup for New Jersey companies’ valuable data since 1994. Contact us for more information about our Healthy Workstation small business offsite data backup service or use the button below to sign up.