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NJ data center hosting services

In our heart of hearts, we are a data center company. Just scratch the skin and it’s servers and lights you’ll find underneath. We live and breathe it – it’s who we are. Sure, we offer other services; we’ve developed applications and do consulting – but that’s just the candy coating.

Maybe you think there’s no room for a local New Jersey Datacenter Company. Maybe you think it’s all Amazon, Google, and Microsoft these days – but you’d be wrong. The world needs local data center businesses, even more so now. The reason why is integrity.

In a world where everything is virtual, even customer support, there’s no accountability. There are no responsible parties, just nameless and faceless custodians. Who’s watching your data? Where are they watching it from? Is anyone even watching? Because, based on all the high-profile data breaches, it sure looks like no one even cares.

We care. We take pride in knowing we’ve never had a breach. And the reason is simple – we take protecting our customer’s data personally. People don’t trust easily – we know that. For you who’ve chosen to trust us with your most valuable assets – we consider it a great honor. And we’re committed to never letting you down.

So what services can a New Jersey Datacenter Company offer? What we offer falls into three categories; Co-Location, Managed Services, and Shared Servers.


New Jersey Co-Location service is great for those businesses that need an offsite setup. Something that will be available in times their main site is affected by disasters, natural or otherwise. It’s great for those with server expertise who need a place to house the server reliably.

Wayawanda State Park in Vernon NJ
Wayawanda State Park in Vernon NJ

Co-Location refers to housing customer-owned equipment in one of our datacenters, which we colloquially call “power, ping & rack.” You build the server, configured precisely to match your needs. The server is then rack-mounted in our facility.

Our datacenters all have power backed by generators to provide reliable power even in the worst weather conditions. Your server is connected directly to UPSs to provide smooth and reliable power.

Your server is connected to our firewalled network. You have complete control over the protection configuration, but once you make the choices, we make sure the protection is maintained.

We’ll also provide remote support for those times when someone needs to press a button to reboot your server. Or, for those times you need to update BIOS or OS installations.

Managed services

Managed Services is the right choice for those who need to run their own software applications who need the reliability of a datacenter but don’t have the in-house expertise to put it together. Like Co-Location, your business has a private server in our datacenter, but rather than you buying and configuring the server, we do all that for you. You tell us what you need, and we build your server to match precisely. Afterward, we take over the daily management of the system.

You have all the performance and capabilities you need without any of the hassle related to managing the server. With over 30 years of server expertise in the Garden State, we know exactly how to perfectly match your needs with the right setup and management.

Shared servers

We run a comprehensive collection of servers to meet most New Jersey businesses’ needs. Things like Mail Servers, Web Servers, Application Servers, Firewalls, VPN Servers, and more.

While small businesses have the same needs as large enterprises, they don’t need all that extra horsepower. What they need is the ability to buy precisely what they need without hassle and expense.

With Shared Servers, your business pays for just the individual components you need. These services are then added to one of our datacenter class systems. These systems are shared with other customers, which means you don’t have to pay the cost of owning your system – but instead can split the costs with others. And we put sharing -controls in place to make sure you always get the resources you need when you need them.

Know this – we take our New Jersey Datacenter business personally. We promise to give you our best – every single day. Guaranteed!

Data center hosting services

Garden State Backup has been protecting New Jersey companies’ important data since 1994. Contact us for more information about NJ data center hosting services. To learn more about our company, visit our About Us page.