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NJ offsite data backup company

Healthy Server is our managed offsite backup service, and it comes with everything you need to protect your business from a disaster. We are a NJ offsite data backup company, working with New Jersey companies since 1994. We provide you with the necessary equipment, the software, and the talented engineers who will set everything up. And once it’s up, we’ll make sure it stays up by assigning a dedicated engineer to watch over your protection every day.

How does it work?

We protect your New Jersey business using our patented three-way backup technology. Each evening, the system will make a backup of the data in your business to the local equipment we provide. Later that evening, a copy of the backup is then sent offsite to one of our datacenters, where afterward, its then also sent to one of our archives.

The beauty of this setup is that if you ever need to recover, you can recover from the equipment we provide right in your office. If you need something from a few days ago, we can recover the data from our datacenter. It is up to you how far the backups go back, but most of our Garden State customers choose to keep at least three months in our datacenter – although some businesses choose quite a bit longer. The key is the choice is yours.

If you ever have a catastrophic disaster that affects your business location, we’ll build you a new system, load it with all your data and ship it to your new location. And because you’d have a lot on your hands, there’s never a charge for any restores you ever need.

Dedicated Engineer

Having your own dedicated engineer is what makes everything work. Many people think protection is a one-time thing. I bought the thing, I set up the thing, and away it goes – the old “set it and forget it.” But that doesn’t work with protection.

aerial view of Trenton
Aerial view of Trenton

Protecting your critical data requires careful vigilance and a trained observer. Someone who can recognize when something doesn’t look right. A schedule that gets missed, a login that is suddenly failing, or maybe seeing a large number of accidental deletions.

There are always clues of impending disaster – but it requires someone to notice something has changed.

Sure, we have tons of automation that are trained to watch for warnings. The automation does a great job of recognizing patterns it’s seen before. As a matter of fact, after each disaster, we take time to analyze the events leading up to the event to see what we can learn. The challenge is – how do you recognize something is amiss when it’s the first time it’s happened?

That’s where training and vigilance come in. By assigning a dedicated engineer to your business, that engineer learns what regular activity looks like – a baseline, if you will. They can then measure this baseline against daily activity to identify anomalies that require further investigation.

What do our engineers do when they think something might be wrong? Well, they call you on the phone. That’s right – a human dials a number and actually has a conversation. Imagine someone cares enough to contact you when something needs attention. That’s all part of our commitment to personal accountability and integrity.

Batteries included

That’s right, we’ll provide you with all the bits and bobs needed to make the protection work. We’ll ship you a backup server for your location. It will be sized to match your current needs, with enough room to grow. And once it’s at your site, our engineers will set up all the backups, schedules, and settings per your unique business needs.

The equipment is fully warranted. If it needs replacing or upgrading, we take care of all the details. That’s right, we’ll build a new system and ship it to you. Just plug in the new system and send the old one back. You don’t pay for the new equipment; just pay for return shipping.

The equipment, the software, and the engineering setup are all included in our service. This is to say, you only pay for the backup service – it has all the other bits as part of the service.

Pricing for our managed offsite backup service

Our pricing model is pay-as-you-go. The price is based on the amount of data stored in our datacenters. The price is $99/month and includes the first 100 GB of data storage. Additional storage is billed at just $0.20/GB.

There’s no long-term contract, and you can cancel at any time.

Oh, yeah – and your data never leaves the state. That’s right, it stays right here in the Garden State.

NJ offsite data backup company

We have provided managed offsite backup services to New Jersey businesses since 1994. Contact us to learn how we can help you protect your valuable data.