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Summit DIner in Summit NJ
Summit Diner in Summit, NJ

Hi, my name is Jim, and I manage this website. I’m a lifelong resident of NJ. I was born in the Garden State, went to college here, and my wife and I raised our son here. I even learned to fly here. As a matter of fact, most weekends, you’ll find me teaching people how to fly above the skies in NJ.

My wife Nora and I have run this NJ datacenter business for over 30 years and we both love New Jersey. Our facilities are here in North NJ, in Hackensack and Weehawken, because we think being close to our customers is important.

Nora & I share the belief that a business is about more than just dollars and sense – that we each have the commission to use our unique talents to serve others. It’s the simple concept that we each treat other people exactly as we want to be treated by them. Because each of us is both serving and being served by others.

Jim Carroll, President
Jim Carroll, President

As a New Jersey datacenter business, we have a large family. The first part of that family is the colleagues we work with. These are some of the brightest, hardest-working people I’ve ever had the good fortune to meet. They can be quirky, but that’s what makes it a joy to come to work. While we enjoy working together, we all live in New Jersey and take protecting our neighbor’s information seriously.

I’ll give you an example. Some of our customers sell their services to the government. That means they have security obligations put on them by one or more agencies. So we took it upon ourselves to build a secure NJ datacenter service that meets the strict Department of Defense cybersecurity standard CMMC Level 2. We bring this same level of protection to all our customers, whether they have the government requirement or not. All customers always get the best we have to offer.

This brings us to another core belief: our customers are our family. They are our neighbors, friends, fellow parishioners, our children’s teachers, our family doctors, and even our overworked government employees. The question is, would you ever let your family’s data go floating around the clouds-knows-where? Of course not. Neither would we.

We don’t upload customers’ information to the cloud and never share it with anyone. Customers’ information belongs to them, and holding their data securely is our sacred trust. So where we hold it is in servers wholly owned and managed by us. And no unescorted contractors are getting anywhere near these places – ever!

You may wonder, how is all this possible? Doesn’t everyone outsource? Don’t modern tech business re-route their support calls to rows of dusty help-desks in the Australian Outback where they offer cookie-cutter answers to caller’s questions? Maybe, but there’s none of that here.

When you call us, you’re speaking to someone in New Jersey. While they may not be native to NJ, they all call New Jersey home and, to maintain our customer’s government obligations, each is a US citizen. As a result, they each share the same experiences and needs as our customers. They even sit in the same traffic on the way to work and in the summer the same Jersey Shore traffic.

Speedwell Lakin in Morristown NJ
Speedwell Lakin in Morristown NJ

Let me tell you about another core value. We think it’s important when we make a promise we keep it. Some other technology businesses can’t deliver what they promise, mainly because they’re selling someone else’s software. We wouldn’t do business like that, so we wrote all our own software.

That’s right; we started with a blank piece of paper and wrote everything from scratch. We wrote the code for our datacenter, our servers, and even the code we give to customers – all of it. And our software was even awarded a patent for the uniqueness of its implementation (US Patent 7668880).

That may sound like bragging (okay, so maybe it is a little bragging), but I think it shows our commitment to always deliver what we promise. For example, we promise a secure NJ datacenter. How could that even be possible if we bought bits and pieces from others and just stitched them together?

What we did next may sound crazy, but we open-sourced the customer-side software. Open sourcing means we made our code available for everyone to see. In my view, this is the best way to demonstrate a commitment to service.

I know not everyone can read code, nor do they want to. But if you’re like me, just knowing you could builds trust. I might not look at the code, but other people will, and sooner or later a huckster would get caught making false promises.

And open sourcing our code means we each trust each other. Let me put it this way — if someone asks to hold my most valuable asset, my data, why wouldn’t they give me their code? I’m supposed to trust them, but they don’t trust me? Maybe it’s just me, but that seems like a weird twist in the concept of trust.

If, one day, you choose us as your NJ datacenter provider, we’d consider it a great honor to be part of your family. If there’s ever anything I can do to serve you better, please call and ask for me. My name is Jim Carroll and I look forward to getting to know you.