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Jersey city view from Hoboken
Jersey City viewed from Hoboken
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Healthy Server

Healthy Server is our managed offsite backup service, and it comes with everything you need to protect your business from a disaster. We provide you with the necessary equipment, the software, and the talented engineers who will set everything up. And once it’s up, we’ll make sure it stays up by assigning a dedicated engineer to watch over your protection every day.

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Healthy Workstation

Healthy Workstation is our small business offsite backup service. It’s a lean, efficient offering that includes everything you need to protect your New Jersey business. It’s a great service for those with some technical skills and who are comfortable managing computing.

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Data Center Hosting

In our heart of hearts, we are a data center company. Just scratch the skin and its servers and lights you’ll find underneath. We live and breathe it – it’s who we are. Sure, we offer other services; we’ve developed applications and do consulting – but that’s just the candy coating.

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As a New Jersey company, you have a unique set of cybersecurity demands placed on your operation. The state is home to major financial institutions, healthcare providers, and critical infrastructure companies that are constant cyber-attack targets.